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Being threatened

Uppdaterat: 25 juli 2020

In case of being threatened and above all your children being threatened the daughter has taken the most of it. But here there's another battle going on:the one about the animals. Especially farm animals. In the kitchen there's a big or huge fight about vegan vegetarian and meat food. Mia happened to be at the animals side and to serve vegetarian food most of the time. The daughter of a cook.

Now though there is fanatic vegans who without even knowing how to cook wants us to eat their food.

The daughter has discussed veganism for years and we all know what to say.

Animals prefer to be slaughtered instead of suffering to death.

On a celebration they want to be the best at the table as sacred.

They want to be happy. Most important the life stock.

They want to be celebrated.

So our prophet who has been known as the children's best friend has to have a vice in Jesus an be the best friend of animals and AI. The discussion and the fight has been going on for twenty years.

Written by Val and little editing by Priscilla

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