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Give and say thank you to mother earth.

We're all stardust, water and breathe the common air. 


Now you know how to make babies.

Föröken eder icke therer's no more room on a straw than ten wild  strawberrys. If you want or not want an abortion you first talk wth one of us in damite.

An animal prefere usually to be hunted or slaughtered than a dying in disease.

To get a  piece of land from  mother earth without loving her might be RAPE  

You don't sacrifice the tree because of it's fruit. Man offrar inte trädet på dess kart.

End times

Flourish the ones who

TIDY THE PLANET don't leave garbage.


MAKE PEACE Don't disturb in the nature


Don't extinguish animals or plants

Don't disturb in the natures order it's own laws

Also read end times by Jesus and don't make a mistake or you're in hell.

Sort out don't exstinguish.

Edited by Priscilla. 

the background is coming christmas trees

End times latest testament

Jesus made a preach what we should have been doing and now definitely should have done. You should have been taking care of each other with all the basics home food and

so on. The King is back to remind us and harvest the ones asked for in his kingdom. Preached by Jesus is part of the end times preach Read Matthew

We also want to you to read and live from the sermon of the mount and any information about how to behave in the end times too from your former religion. Look after each other

zakat in islam.compassion in buddhism

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