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We're going to give you a main preach called the preach of the valley. It is inevitable what you have to do. Background picture the valley where we have our meadow/pasture...

The green valleys are where you are connected to this planet earth. You therefore now have a daughter of a Godess, planet earth.  Mother nature the Godess/God is her parents. Jesus is the daughters '  brother.

The valley  is where you have your connection to the planet through your soil

and homeplanet and the home of jordadottern this is the planet we're responsible for.

Thee shall let the seasons come and go in their own time and pace. By Priscilla for the fun of it

The planet belongs to  god and is the goddess. Therefore no people can own the planet. Its our common responsability. Feel free to be outdoors.


You can't combine Godess and lagom. You will love one and despice the other. 

M the nature Godess. Mother nature


Respect the circle of life the cyclic process.

Tacka och ge i det cykliska förloppet Say thank you and then give in the circle of earth: cyclic thinking

You shall like the nature, pray for the others your enemies nature as the nature is good.

Don't do to others what you don't want to happen to yourself. The golden rule.

Happy the animal big or small-

Edited by Priscilla

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