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A suffering Mother 🌎

When our main character had revelations as young she could feel the suffering of Mother 🌎. She has then been fighting her entire life to ease the pain of the Mother.

In her revelations she also could see that the mother is suffering innocently.

The daughter of earth 🌎 will take the sins we have done upon a mill. Innocent she will take the blame for our environmental catastrophe.

Some of her last words will be förlÄt dem ty de vet inte vad de gör same as Jesus.

The girl later lived for a while in England. There 🌎 is called Mother nature and it sounds so much less innocent. Our main character now found the beliefs for the future.

There are no borders for Mother nature but the main character will be called daughter of earth so she is recognized as a girl from planet earth 🌎. Tellus.


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