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Today is the day for the party of the crayfish. We're a little late as we this year couldn't find crayfish. It should be celebrated the seventh of August as the daughter was made this date. We still wonder how she was made as the parents can't remember it.

To make s story short The Swedish crayfish was close to extinguish and we planted in American crayfish and now therefore our own is close to extinction

. And therefore crayfish parties across the country. We weren't allowed to fish before the seventh.

The mum of daughter's in Swedish the starsign the crayfish in English the crab. But the dad who brought up the girl was a Libra.

This year the crayfish was fine. Thick shells and big claws. Sometimes they change shells but it is also the acidification that breaks down the shell and I becomes soft.

Have a nice party with funny hats under the moon.

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