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Birth of a daughter

Uppdaterat: 7 maj 2021

By now they called mum today it's time. They called her in because of an indifference in blood groups between the dad and the mum. It took weeks to plan and days to travel as the family lives in Vaggeryd and the deliverance was due to Stockholm. The baby could be deadly sick.

Later on they started the delivery and a little yellow baby was born.

She was immediately taken to intensive care to change blood.

The girl survived and her mum fled the hospital with the baby in a little box. Away from experiment and the cuveuse she'd been in.

Then they travelled home on a train back to Skoghem in Vaggeryd. The daughter is born in Solna. The mum and dad has no idea where the daughter comes from.

Anemone nemorosa

Muscari Armeniacum pärlhyacinter

If you come to Sweden during such times she's born you can see anemone nemorosa valleys. The flower is free to pick and in a vase lasts long.

Written by med Dr Lucille

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