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The coming up

We've been on the internet since 2013. Now almost a decade later we've done a lot.

It's been ups and downs. Some time we succeed a little sometimes we fail a little.

The story about Messie our blog that got mixed up with Messi the football player

and had thousands of views every week.

We got the story about the picture of Shiva which got about a like a second. That campaign we stopped because of to many likes.

We miss discussing with you all but hope you can reach the mistress to talk to her about what's at heart.

In the beginning people discussed at our page and it was so intresting to hear your opinion.

The most wellspread story without campaigning was when we had a Christmas eve where we collected a lot of different ideas churches and people to a big party with 70 guests. It went out to thousands.

Though we're drowning in the internet. We don't want to give up.

The coming up is going on trying to reach out to you. The a Mistress hope for us to be irl but the rest of us wants to go on like we've done.

In this year it's a lot of tidying and sacred and happy the domestic year. This you can read about under happy and helga. And end times.

So happy new decade to you all.

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