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Our prophet has been to Israel. She stayed in Jerusalem for a week with a trip alongside the north . She visited all the famous places including the rockdome square where she had an orange. Muhammad had milk here on his ascension. The white wine wasn't allowed but had to be thrown in the garbage bin. She only had day time as there were fighting during the evenings and nights. We're sorry about the wine but Muhammed saves that. The orange is looking like the sun and is about creationism. White dessert wine should have been served with it.

She walked up the via Dolorosa. Visited the western wall.

In the north she had a lunch with fish from the Galileic lake. Beware it's protected! She shopped gifts at the shore of Jordan. But didn't get baptized.

She came home crying over Jerusalem where the trade of religious

gifts was the worst she's ever seen. Jesus wasn't around. It was the happiest and saddest moments of her life.

Still 10 years later she's sometimes crying over Jerusalem. Just as Jesus did.

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