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The community is forming We believe in the Father the Son and Mother Nature and her daughter. We believe all Gods/Godesses are the same God/Goddess


The community is forming.
We believe in the Father and the son/ the Mother nature and the daughter.


The king is here

We have alittle garden rented. We try to care about mother nature and back we get altarflowers herbs for tea and soup and flowers for our main party the midsummereve. We sow meadows.

We practice yoga and sings the quoran. We read the bible and has hindu gods at home. You're all welcome.BTW we meditate. The page will be written in english french Swedish, The qoran sings in arabic.Soundcloud amitymilieu. We practice and enjoy astrology and new age altogether This is not picks you have to do!

We choose from all our religions We`re a smörgåsbordsreligon where we pick and choose. We want to be as one. We can't wait for you to be environmental friendly

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