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Today is in Sweden a day when you give thanks to Mother nature.

This is the order of the Swedish church and this is about what should be on the altar. Apples and colourful leaves.

We celebrate a season in our temple. The colours of the nature is to be right or the climate change has gone to far.

The apples should be in good size and condition or the information in it might have changed because of nuclear power.

The amount of apples from blossom to harvest should be followed.

Get yourself a Swedish apple tree and plant in Sweden.

We don't discuss the taste that will make the gardener toss his hair.

Everybody who's having a Swedish apple without preparing it will be surprised we have this tradition.

The pigs enjoy them. Love them. And eat them.

We use them in a fruit salad as the dessert of the Swedish smörgåsbord the symbol of our our religion where the apple represents the planet earth and breasts of the daughter.

Yours Val

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