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God is one

Mother nature doesn't feel alright. Let's not separate nature from humans. They're interdependent. We need to fix the nature and the nature will fix us.

In the church where we were active and sometimes are there were a project fo health for disabled and help for nature. It helps both.

The environmental problems interagers and being helpful above all mends the angst.

Here's a list what to do

TIDY outdoors

Set out threatened animals

Clean, purify the pollution (CO2 negative)


Plant in your valley and if you don't own one rent it.

Sow meadows

More ideas are welcome.

This will make mother nature less suffering and make us one again.

Let us be as ONE across the borders. We're trying to make Sweden a good sample of environmental protection and law. The makes us most active in Sweden.

When those who worship mother nature feel they need somebody to blame for the inconveniences of the problems the Daughter will take the blame. Goddess takes the responsibility together with the Daughter.

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