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Crayfish première

Crayfish party is a celebrating we have in Sweden.

When the parents of the daughter couldn't remember making her they guessed for about the crayfish party.

The daughter is made from above just like Jesus. Not easy for parents to figure out.

The DNA is matching. Crazy isn't it.

Delivery was assumed to the 19 of may.

After a very dramatic birth the daughter was born in the beginning of may.

We also celebrate the birth of Val. With a birthday flower can't be found in shop easily so we have one for every year.

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Sacred the chicken and the bunny and the lamb at Easter Sacred the calf and the cow in May Sacred the flowers at midsummer Sacred the crayfish in August Sacred the apples and leaves in October Sacred

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06 ago 2022

Everybody as I Believe are born in heaven first and absolut like all The jesuses born in Words maybe before that. In both heaven earth and some also born in hell. Best regards/tg

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